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Infogenium Software LLC is a privately held company with headquarters outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Simple and Effective Productivity and Collaboration Tools

Our mission is to help individuals and organizations grow and share knowledge, by providing simple and effective productivity and collaboration tools.

We believe that when we organize, collaborate and communicate effectively we accomplish more as individuals and teams, making us more successful and happier in our professional and personal lives.

We believe the best tools are more about what you leave out than what you put in. Less is not more. Less is less is better. This allows us to give you what you really need to be successful.

We do this by building tools that are simple to use and user friendly, with the features you need on the devices you use every day.

We have used this thinking to build Klisto LE, a better mobile database built from the ground up to be simple and intuitive. We hope that you find it as useful and indispensable as we do.

Please contact us any time to let us know what you think or visit our blog to learn more about what we do.